New Clients

Waiting room at Vitality Rolfing

Your First Visit

Getting Here

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Treatment room at Vitality Rolfing

Treatment room at Vitality Rolfing

What to Expect

After your first visit, you should be prepared to take the next day or two easy. As I often tell my clients the day after a session, you are “like wet cement”. This is an important time for your body to integrate the work from the session. It is also important to drink a lot of water after each session, as your body will absorb more fluid than normal.

What to Bring and Wear

For your first visit please bring with you a written timeline of your medical history making sure to highlight any surgeries or injuries. This information will assist me in individualizing each session to your specific needs and goals. Also, include your specific goals for this experience.

For your first visit, please wear clothes, which are comfortable and lightweight. I often recommend shorts and a tee shirt for men. Women should include a comfortable sports bra or simply loose fitted clothing. Thicker type material such as denim is difficult to work through but clients should feel free to wear what is comfortable for them.

New Patient Forms

Forms for your first visit are available in the waiting room at my office. If you arrive early, please fill out as much of the form as possible. Arriving with your medical history already written up is a big timesaver, as this will allow more time for the hands-on modalities.